Studies and social analysis

CEFAS as a think tank brings together academics and experts, so that they can provide their experience and knowledge in favour of the ACdP. These experts will be organized into commissions led by a chair in charge and a secretary.

Study and monitoring commissions

  • Commission on constitutional rights and freedoms
  • Commission on current political trends
  • Commission on the media and their impact on society
  • Commission on the current perspectives of the economy and its consequences
  • Commission on the transmission of our values in the education of our students

Commissions tasks

  • Annual report of the outcome of each of the works of the Commissions
  • Publish and publicize the reports to the extent deemed appropriate.
  • Organize meetings, forums, national and international conferences to study and monitor the different topics and the publication of the results when deemed appropriate.
  • Create networks with institutions that share our values.