Principles and Mission

CEFAS aims to promote the principles of the Social Doctrine of the Church in the cultural and political spheres through courses, conferences, and publications.

CEFAS aspires to become a reference and meeting place to debate, study, communicate and investigate in the field of ideas to improve society.


We believe in a conception of man and his dignity based on his free and rational nature, in the image of the Creator. Freedom, granted by God to man is the essence of his fundamental rights, and the principle of political and social order. The individual freedoms that derive from the Natural Law are a guarantee of the preservation of rights as important as that of life, from conception to natural death, religious freedom or property always in accordance with the common good.

The defence of religious freedom as the first and most fundamental of all human rights, and the cornerstone in the generation of the common good of society.

The protection of the family as a natural institution and as the foundation of the social order, with rights and duties that precede the State.

An explicit claim for Spain and its history. The Spanish have the right to consider themselves heirs to a millenary history, sustained and nurtured by their Christian roots.

The guarantee and promotion of private property and its social function in accordance with the primacy of the common good against any collectivist and statist temptation.


CEFAS aims to make a decisive contribution to the ACdP and its mission, leading a process in Spain of national and social regeneration based on Christian humanism and the dignity of the human being. It will therefore, seek, through all educational means within its reach, the formation of free and responsible citizens, within the framework of the conservative and Christian principles that define the reason for being of Spain as a nation throughout its history.

It aims, to become a centre of reference, with the capacity to influence society and with the willingness to collaborate with all those institutions -national and international- aligned in defence of freedom, and especially in religious freedom, which is at the heart of any other freedom. For this, CEFAS will work on political, economic, and social proposals and reports. It will also organize conferences, seminars, and debates.

It also seeks to prepare lay people to participate and commit themselves in public life.. Christians have, as the Magisterium of the Church has repeatedly declared, an inescapable commitment to building a healthy social and political order. A commitment that, for the ACdP and its members, has become its reason for being by virtue of the charism of its founders, Fr. Ángel Ayala SJ and D. Ángel Herrera Oria, its first president. They responded to the vocation of bringing the Gospel to public life, aware that a society that disregards God ends up turning against man. A commitment that respects, the autonomy of our temporal existence, as taught by the Second Vatican Council in accordance with the traditional teaching of the Church.